Need help with your Afghan Hound or Saluki?

If your dog was purchased from a breeder, the first person you should contact to discuss the situation is the breeder of your dog. Most contracts of sale require you to return your dog to the breeder if you can no longer keep your dog. Even if there is no contractual obligation, the breeder should always be the first person you contact if you are having difficulties that you think will mean you need to surrender your dog.

The breeder’s name can be found on your dog’s pedigree certificate. If you no longer have a phone number or email address for the breeder, you can phone the state body that issued the pedigree certificate. Click here for the websites of the various state member bodies of the ANKC. Many breeders are also judges, if so, you can look the breeder’s name up on the ANKC judge’s listing to get their contact details.

If you are not able to get in touch with the breeder, email us at with the information you do have, and we will try to locate contact details for you. If your dog was purchased from a pet shop, pound, shelter or rescue OR if you have spoken with the breeder and they have declined to assist and/or take your dog back, please work through the information set out below.

Do you need support or advice to fix a problem?

Consider joining online companion discussion groups where you can talk to other Saluki or Afghan owners about living with these beautiful breeds. Sometimes support and a listening ear from those who understand makes all the difference. People in these groups have successfully managed moving house; having babies; living on low incomes; grooming; living with other dogs, cats and stock including chooks; containing escape artists; separation anxiety, barking, destruction and other behavioural problems. They will share their experience and knowledge with you. Some groups we like include:

Afghan Hound No Drama Club
The Princess Layla Fanclub (Salukis)
Where’s Wally (Salukis)
Sighthound Companions Australia

If after doing the above you feel you have no option but to surrender your dog, please email us at and we will arrange a time to discuss your situation