I have cats, will a rescue or adult rehome be right for me?
It depends. Both Afghan Hounds and Salukis have been bred for millennia to chase small running prey. If the dog has lived safely with cats before, it will probably be OK. However, cat safe dogs very rarely come into rescue or up for rehoming. A dog who hasn’t lived with cats is more common. As a general rule we recommend getting a puppy if you have cats, and training your pup to respect the cats.

I would like to go on your list to be contacted when there is an Afghan Hound or Saluki needing a home – how do I do this?
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I would like to foster for you – how do I go about volunteering?
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I am a breeder and would like to list a dog for rehoming – how do I do that?
Please email us at info@ahsrr.org.au

I would like to donate to AHSRR – how do I do that?
Bank Account details are on the bottom of each page.

Do you list puppies for sale?
Not unless they are genuine rescues. Web advertising of puppies is already well catered for by Dogzonline
Our focus is on rescues and adult dogs who need a permanent loving home.

Why do you involve breeders, aren’t they part of the problem?
Responsible breeders are definitely part of the solution. Breeders who only place their dogs with suitable homes are essential to ending the misery of the rescue dog because their dogs very rarely end up in rescue and when they do, the breeder steps in to cover costs, take the dog back and rehome it. Our view is that coming in behind breeders to place unwanted dogs in homes without asking those breeders to be part of the solution does not discourage irresponsible breeding, but instead encourages it. A minority of breeders only do the right thing because they know the breed community is watching and expects them to sort it out. Our first principle is that a breeder should always be responsible for a dog that they bred. If you are concerned that returning your dog to their breeder will lead to a negative welfare outcome for the dog, please discuss your concerns with us at info@ahsrr.org.au.

Do you help Saluki and Afghan crosses?
This question depends very much on the situation, the available resources and whether we consider that there is a chance of stopping the supply of unwanted pups. As with registered breeders, we do not make life easier for people doing the wrong thing by homing their unwanted dogs so that they can just breed more unwanted dogs. If we cannot obtain the breeding pair to stop them placing a burden on the community with unwanted puppies, we may suggest other approaches to deal with the problem.

I have a DNA test that says this needy dog is an Afghan or a Saluki.
Over the counter DNA breed tests rely on unproven genetic markers and are unreliable. All of our committee are very experienced with Afghan Hounds and Salukis and we may provide advice that the dog is not a Saluki or an Afghan Hound despite the results of an over the counter DNA breed test.