Making a rescue Afghan Hound or Saluki part of your family

Afghan Hounds and Salukis rarely come into rescue.  It has been over a year since our last rescue, Maggie, and we have a number of people on our waiting list. While this may be disappointing for those looking to give a home for a needy hound, it is a success story for the two breeds.  Ultmately we all want to live in a world where no dog is unwanted.  

When available, rescues are usually not an easy option. We define a rescue as a dog that has lost all of his or her support structures and is homeless. A rescue might have been found wandering, have ended up in a shelter/pound or had an owner who is deceased/hospitalised with a terminal illness.

As both breeds are relatively rare and in high demand as companions, usually needy Afghan Hounds and Salukis find themselves in rescue because they have challenging behaviours such as separation anxiety, escaping and house soiling. Their breeders and owners have not been able, or prepared, to continue support until a new home can be found. In the case of Afghan Hounds grooming difficulties can also play a part. Making time for a rescue often means making time to put the effort into patient and careful rehabilitation of challenging problems. If you have cats, young children, or a busy lifestyle, a rescue Afghan Hound or Saluki is probably not a good choice for your home.

Afghan Hounds and Salukis are available for rehoming more often. Breeders sometimes have adults they are looking to place in suitable homes where they can get better one on one attention. These may be retired show dogs, young adults who for whatever reason have not turned out to be suitable for the show ring or sporting field, or dogs who have been returned to the breeder by their owners. Occasionally owners contact us if they feel their circumstances are such that they need to rehome their dog. These dogs are not rescues. By definition their breeders or owners are still taking responsibility for them and will not release them to a new home unless they have checked it out as being suitable.  They can make wonderful companions, and a rehomed adult has the advantage of not requiring the same kind of work as a puppy.  Check the listings at Dogzonline to find adults looking for homes, or contact us and we can make inquiries on your behalf.

If rescue is where your heart is, we understand that.  If you are looking for a companion now, we can suggest contacts in other Sighthound breeds who may be looking for great rescue homes. Contact us via our contact page.